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Selling your Childcare Business

There are many factors to consider when selling a childcare business in Australia, including regulations which could either support the process or present some challenges. Childcare availability can also vary greatly from suburb to suburb and it is important to identify and understand the factors that influence this.

Read below to learn more about what you need to consider before and during the sale of your childcare business.

The Australian Childcare Boom – Where Does That Leave Us?

The childcare market in Australia has been very dynamic in recent years, most notably experiencing a boom in supply for childcare due in large part to increased workforce participation by mothers. This boom has also fuelled the growth of larger childcare companies.

You may have also been hearing mixed messages about the market but what is really happening? In large cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne there is currently an oversupply of childcare placements. In some suburbs within these cities and in less metropolitan areas there is however, actually an undersupply.

So what factors should you focus on when trying to sell your childcare business? The most important thing to focus on is what is happening in childcare in your local area rather than what is happening on a larger nation-wide scale. So what matters are factors like whether your local council has rezoned a neighbouring block of land, what a neighbouring childcare centres occupancy rate is or if there is a new block of residential flats opening less than ten minutes away.

The Details of your Childcare Business Sale

You know your business better than anyone else, how it operates daily and what helps it run smoothly and make a profit. When the time comes to move on though, insights from an expert on how to sell can make a huge difference. Local council regulations and the entire selling process can be complex issues and failing to thoroughly understand both could mean thousands of dollars lost. Talk to a professional business broker today to optimise the sale of your childcare business.

ABBA Group has a team of experienced and well respected brokers who have extensive knowledge of how the Australian Childcare industry operates. When you engage with an ABBA business broker, you will:

Have a skilled negotiator by your side with your best interests at the forefront

Have access to ABBA’s vast network of buyers to help find the right one for your business

Be guided by an expert during the entire selling process

Save a large amount of your own time and effort

Free Confidential Consultation

ABBA Group has extensive experience working in the childcare sector and our professional brokers are ready to share their expertise with you. Even an informal discussion with one of our experts can be an invaluable resource to you and may result in you achieving and even exceeding your business goals.

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