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Buying a Childcare Business in the Northern Beaches

The childcare industry is officially booming in The Northern Beaches. The demand for existing childcare centres is high, and competition is quite fierce. There are several reasons for this that we will point to, however the main one is that childcare is a lucrative and relatively low risk business in the Northern Beaches.

What’s driving the soaring demand for childcare centres in the Northern Beaches?

The root cause for the high demand for childcare centres is the demand for childcare itself, which has been consistently rising throughout the course of modern history. The reasons are increased household income plus female participation in the workforce. The childcare market is extremely stable because even if a stock market crash occurs, most mothers will still need childcare because they will be trying to work even harder. Therefore, not only is childcare a lucrative business, it is also relatively low risk.

But the factor that is driving the demand for childcare businesses in the Northern Beaches in particular is the monumental state of property prices. This high barrier to entry blocks new childcare centres from most suburbs, because after paying this high upfront cost, they then have to compete with existing childcare centres. Alternatively, the high property cost is worthwhile if it pays for an existing, profitable childcare business. This factor will make it more expensive to start a childcare business, but it decreases competition and decreases risk by a large amount in the long run.

How the childcare business market varies across the Northern Beaches

We were talking at a general the Northern Beaches-wide level up until now, but the reality of the childcare market is that it differs from suburb to suburb, street to street. There is large geographical variation. Generally speaking, you will find greater demand and lower supply for childcare in densely populated areas. This is because there are more families demanding childcare, and less land on which to provide it.

Building vs Buying vs Franchises

Finally and ultimately, it comes down to which way you decide to start up your childcare business. You will have your own needs and preferences that are very important for the entire future of your childcare centre (not just the purchase). Therefore, you may consider building a new centre despite the high costs and exceedingly long wait times for approval. Or, you may decide to buy an existing childcare business, in which you have the choice of buying an independent childcare centre, or a franchise. With an independent centre you have more freedom and potentially higher profit margins, whereas with a franchise you have more guidance and potentially lower risk.

Learn more about the childcare business market in the Northern Beaches

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