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Buying a Childcare Business in Cobbitty, NSW

Buying a childcare business in Cobbitty may be competitive, but this is because childcare in this suburb is a highly lucrative and low risk business. Childcare is an attractive business to be in, but there is one other factor driving demand that we will address. But firstly, you need to be aware of some of the laws and regulations.

Laws and Regulations for buying a childcare business in Cobbitty’s Macarthur

In order to buy and run a childcare business in the Inner West, you need to comply with the following regulations and standards:

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Police Check
  • Working With Children Check
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Analphylaxis certificate
  • Provider Approval
  • Supply Approval
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • National Quality Framework

The most critical item on this list is the National Quality Framework which outlines the standards for early childcare education nationwide. If you are familiar with this framework then you will be able to identify whether the business you are considering buying is compliant. If it isn’t, then you can estimate how much time and money it will cost to ensure that it complies.

What’s driving the demand for childcare businesses in Cobbitty?

As you may know, the childcare business market in Macarthur is booming. There are two main factors driving this, and the first is that the childcare industry is very profitable, and relatively low risk. Childcare is in high demand, and this demand is extremely stable even when the economy is unstable. Furthermore, in the Sydney childcare market, new entrants (new childcare centres opening in the area) are quite rare.

The second factor relates to Cobbitty’s monumental property prices and scarcity of available land. This has presented a huge barrier to new childcare centres opening anywhere in Macarthur. The high upfront costs coupled with the risk of being a new entrant, the scarcity of large blocks of land that are appropriately zoned and in the right location means that opening a new childcare centre can be challenging. In addition, the approval process for a new childcare business has a notoriously long wait time.

These factors create a market where existing childcare businesses are in high demand. So buying a childcare business in Cobbitty is very competitive and you need to ensure you have all the right information and insights that will give you the edge.

Buying the Right Childcare Business in Cobbitty

To identify the right childcare business in Cobbitty and purchase it at a good price with favourable terms is not a simple undertaking. It requires a lot of business strategy, negotiation skills, childcare business market knowledge and legal-regulatory knowledge. While reading this article should give you an understanding of some of these areas, in order to optimise your childcare acquisition or merger we strongly recommend using a business broker. This will put the entire future of your childcare business on the best path.

For the latest information and insights on the Cobbitty childcare business market, you should talk to a professional, experienced broker from ABBA Group. Our brokers have vast experience and knowledge in childcare mergers and acquisitions. A conversation with someone from ABBA could be invaluable to the future of your business and we can provide a free, no-obligation consultation.

At this pivotal stage in the future of your business, ABBA Group can optimise the process in the following ways:

You will have professional negotiators at your side

We will leverage our vast connections to find you the best sellers and the best deals

We are experts at navigating the entire selling process – legal and financial

You will save large quantities of time and effort

Free Confidential Consultation

A conversation with a business brokering expert from the ABBA Group can be invaluable and may help you find the right childcare business for the right price. Our brokers have vast experience in the childcare sector and are ready to share their expertise and insights with you. To request your free consultation, please contact us below:

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